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Buddhist monk shot to death in temple in North Carolina

Sad news as a monk was shot to death while praying inside a temple in High Point, North Carolina. 50-year-old Tam Dinh Tran was struck with a stray bullet on Saturday, July 18th around 7:40 pm at the Chua an Lac Buddhist temple on Scientific Street, reports WFMY News.

Another monk, Vu Ta found Tran in the kneeling position with blood coming out of his nose. He called 911 thinking Tran was suffering from a medical condition. However, while EMS began CPR they found the injury on Tran’s right side reports WXII. Unfortunately, Tran was pronounced dead at the scene.

“It was discovered that Tran had a traumatic injury to his right side, below his armpit,” according to a news release. “Tran was pronounced dead at the scene.”

The High Points police investigated the crime as a homicide and searched the temple. During this time, they found two bullet holes in the exterior wall. One hit Tran while the other was found stuck in the building stud.

“Based on the angle and trajectory, the bullets appeared to have been fired from or near the roadway of Scientific Street, traveled through the wall of the temple and struck Tran,” police said.

On July 19th, police found two bullet casings near the roadway.

“Based on the preliminary investigation and the evidence gathered thus far, the High Point Police Department has no information indicating the temple or Tran were specifically targeted in this crime,” the Police press release said.

The High Point police are asking the community in helping to solve this murder. Anyone with information should contact Detective Buben at 336-887-7867 or Crime Stoppers at 336-889-4000.

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