cindy with stitching on back of hand
ABC 7 News

Brooklyn student choked and slashed

A 25-year-old Brooklyn, New York student got the scare of her life after a man followed her and assaulted her. The incident occurred on Dekalb Avenue and Skillman Street in Bedford Stuyvesant. The woman identified as Cindy told ABC 7 News, that she was walking home on February 28th around 11 pm when she noticed a man following her.

“When I slow down, he slow down,” she said. “I speed up, he speed up.”

She tried to shake him off but the man caught up to her and started choking her and threatening her with a knife.

“And then choke on my neck and saying be quiet – be quiet I got a knife – and I just start screaming,” she said.

She fought back and during the altercation, the man cut the back of her hand. She ripped his face mask off which made him flee.

“Once I took off his mask – he ran way,” Cindy said. “He didn’t tell me what he wants about money or anything.”

Cindy had to get five stitches to close up the wound on her hand. She said mentally she’s traumatized and that she can’t walk alone at night. But she said she’s the luckiest person because she’s still alive.

Police are looking for a man in his 20s and 30s.

BEDFORD STUYVESANT, Brooklyn assailant
ABC 7 News
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