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“#BoycottNetflix” starts trending in India over kissing scene

A kissing scene between a Muslim man and a Hindu woman in a Netflix series has gotten people in India all riled up. The series, “A Suitable Boy,” adapted from the award-winning novel of the same name written by Vikram Seth started streaming last month and people already want it boycotted, reports CNN. The story revolves around a Hindu woman and her love life but what got people upset was when she was kissed by a Muslim man in a Hindu temple. Hindu nationalists took to social media and expressed their displeasure at such an act. The #BoycottNetflix started trending on Twitter riling up the base and outrage ensued.

Even a politician got in on the outrage and demanded Netflix be investigated by the police.

“This has extremely objectionable content which hurts the sentiments of people of a particular religion,” Narottam Mishra, the minister of home affairs in the government of Madhya Pradesh said. “I have requested authorities to examine why, and with what intentions this program and this theme has been restarted on [streaming] platforms.”

While Gaurav Tiwari, a BJP youth leader filed another complaint against Netflix’s vice president of content in India. Tiwari accused the streaming company of violating an Indian law that makes “deliberate or malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings” illegal. If found guilty, the violater could face three years in prison or a fine.

This outrage comes at a challenging time for streaming services in India. Just last month, the government announced new rules on how to regulate digital media. It said that digital media will be regulated by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting which would see streaming services scrutinized as traditional media.

Netflix so far has spent $400 million in India trying to gain subscribers. The company bought “A Suitable Boy” from the BBC to gain traction in the country. Additionally, it recently added a Hindi option to it’s platform and it is unclear what the new regulations will do to Netflix and its growth in the country.

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