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Bobby Lee sells sitcom to CBS about Korean spa in Koreatown

Comedian Bobby Lee has sold a sitcom to CBS that takes place in a Korean spa in Ktown. Bobby revealed the news while he was on the “Rover’s Morning Glory” radio show last week.

“Yeah I sold the show to CBS and I didn’t think anyone would buy it but it’s a show about a Korean spa in Koreatown in LA,” Lee said during his interview. “It’s a three-camera sitcom and I go ‘there’s no way’ and the first place we pitch it to their like ‘let’s do it.'”

The host, Rover, asked Bobby to expand on the Korean spa scene and the illicit activities that might take place there. But Bobby denied it and explained his connection to the Korean spa.

“No, no, no. Korean spas are, I’ve been going to them for like thirty years,” Lee said. “It’s in Koreatown, men, kids we all go and we just steam out.

“And when people hang out there’s ping pong courts above. They do your taxes as well. There’s a barber. You could sleep there. It’s a whole kind of community.

“Yeah, it’s hard to describe. There’s nothing sexual. If you got an erection you would die. Korean men would do the walk and they would just kill you.”

The two then talked about Asian representation in Hollywood and Bobby noted how it was much better now than compared to the 90s. Lee said it’s just easier for Asians because studios are buying more Asian related projects. Lee circled back to the Korean spa show and said that it’ll probably come out in two years if it gets greenlit.

“We’re writing it now, it’s CBS,” Lee said. “It’ll probably come out in two years if they pick it up.”

That part of the interview starts around the 32:20 minute mark.

Korean American Bobby Lee is having a renaissance after his podcast “Tigerbelly” took off. Now, he’s riding that Asian wave.

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