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Blackpink has set the record for most-watched Youtube video in 24 hours

Kpop group Blackpink has set another record on Youtube. The biggest girl band in the world just broke the record for most views in 24 hours on Youtube with their latest music video “How You Like That,” reports Endgadget. In the first 24 hours, the video racked up 82.4 million views. That beat out another Kpop group, BTS’s record of 74.6 million views with their single “Boy With Luv.”

However, Blackpink’s new record is extra impressive compared to BTS because of how they achieved it. Youtube recently adopted a new way of counting views which doesn’t count ad links. Videos in the past had their views artificially enhanced by ads bought by record labels which would be directed to the video. Some thought this was a cheat which caused Youtube to count only organic views.

As of now, Blackpink’s latest video has garnered over 136 million views in less than 2 days. “How You Like That” also set the record for biggest music video premiere on Youtube with 1.65 million fans watching it when it was first available.

Blackpink which consists of Jennie, Lisa, Rose, and Jisoo debuted in 2016 and quickly gained a massive fanbase. But they’re trying to be as successful in America as they are outside so watch out because Blackpink might be coming soon to your area.

“How You Like That” is their “presingle” to their highly anticipated album which is set to drop in September.

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