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Beefhead gets racist at 24 Hour Fitness in La Jolla over squat rack

Instagram account Jackfroot posted a video of a white man at a 24 Hour Fitness in La Jolla, California getting all racist at an Asian guy. According to Jackfroot, the white man aka “Chad” went ballistic on the Asian guy because the Asian guy was on a squat rack he wanted to use. Here are some of the things Chad said according to Jackfroot.

“I don’t go to your ch**k country and spread a ch**k kung flu virus.”


“Ch**k kung flu.”

Jackfroot said Chad also spit racial slurs at other people trying to intervene.

“Go clean my toilet, Gonzolas.”

24 Hours Fitness got wind of the video and notified Jackfroot they identified the member and terminated his contract.

“We wanted to let you know we are appalled by the reprehensible conduct in the video,” the company said. “We do not tolerate racism in our clubs. We’re proud of how our club team de-escalated the situation, and we have taken steps to ensure a safe and inclusive club environment, including termination of this individual’s membership.”

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