Taiwan's Double National Day Celebrations
BBC International

BBC goofs by mistaking Taiwan for North Korea

The BBC has apologized for messing up two Asian countries on their news show on October 10th. According to Taiwan News, the BBC International News was reporting on a military parade in North Korea but used footage from Taiwan’s Double Ten National Day Celebrations just outside the Presidential Office in Taipei.

There was some obvious signs like the Taiwanese flag but the British news network still captioned the live-footage with “Live Pyongyang” on the top of the screen.

“BBC WORLD NEWS reported “the celebration of the 75th anniversary of WPK (Worker’s Party of north Korea)” using a video of Republic of China (Taiwan) 109th Double Tenth National Day celebrations,” a Twitter user who caught the mistake said. “They apologized their terrible confusion of North Korea and Taiwan 30 minutes later.”

The BBC ended up apologizing and fixing the mistake.

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