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Bay Area reporter Betty Yu’s reporting gets dine and dashers to issue apology to K-BBQ restaurant they ripped off

K-Elements BBQ on Clement Street in the Richmond District in San Francisco was ripped off by dine and dashers on Sunday and it looked like they would have to eat the cost. Three young women and one young man ate around $150 worth of food and left without paying. The story wasn’t that big but because KPIX CBS SF Bay Area reporter Betty Yu reported it the restaurant not only got their money back but an apology also.

Surveillance video caught the dine and dashers in action. The three young women leave first then the young man asks the waiter for the check. But as the waiter goes to grab the check the young man leaves and runs across the street to a waiting car.

Like all restaurants, K-Elements BBQ has been struggling during the pandemic. Owners Alfred Lee and Tony Lau have been dealing with all kinds of nonsense including vandalism and virtual dine and dashers. Every dollar counts so when someone just brazenly steals it really takes a huge toll on the life of the business and usually the restaurant would have to absorb the loss.

But this time, because Betty Yu covered the story, and the surveillance video showed the dine-and-dashers faces, the three girls ended up paying back the money and explaining why they did it. The three girls said they thought the price was lower than it was and since they didn’t have the money they made an “irresponsible and irrational decision.”

“We are extremely sorry for any inconveniences we may have caused … Our act was not malicious or ill-intended towards your business, it was a mistake and a lack of judgment which we all deeply regret,” the letter said. “We hope this expression of our regret will be a step towards making amends …”

The restaurant will no longer pursue charges.

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