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Bay Area Chinese school zoom-bombed by racists

A private Chinese school in the East Bay, San Francisco was zoom-bombed during an online Chinese New Year Celebration on Friday, reports NBC Bay Area news. The Bay Valley Chinese School was having a good time online with their celebrations until some “Zoom bombers” entered and exposed the elementary school kids to racial slurs and nudity.

“We got Zoom bombed and it was terrible,” said Vivien, a parent of a 5-year-old who was in attendance. “There were hate messages, racial slurs, racial slurs directed toward the Chinese American community…

“There was a message that said ‘Ching Chong’ and that struck me as that’s wrong. Then the racial music started and we saw nudity.”

The school and the parents reported the incident to the police. They believe they have evidence to identify the suspects.

The Bay Valley Chinese School said they will be putting the highest priority on adding safeguards for future virtual events. Read the school’s full statement below.

“In response to the February 12, 2021 Zoom bombing of the online Chinese
New Year Celebration hosted by Bay Valley Chinese School (BVCS) at 6:45
pm, we are extremely regretful of this incident. BVCS has been serving the
Tri-Valley community for 19 years and has earned a good reputation in terms
of teaching Chinese Language and introducing Chinese customs and
traditions. We have always opened wide the school doors to welcome the
community to join our cultural events and activities in the past. Ever since
we move our classrooms to the Zoom platform due to the pandemic, we have
not experienced any unfortunate disruptions.

At this point, through witnesses and available Zoom recording, BVCS
identified some possible offenders, showing lewd images and verbalizing
racial slurs in the background. We are very frustrated about the
hard-to-dodge Cybercrime in virtual community events like this and
understand the anxiety that this incident might have caused our students and
guests. We extend our appreciation to the swift remedial measures
administered by the staff at the event.

Our mistress of ceremony was very professional and at the shortest possible
time logged off everybody. Our staff communicated with each other
immediately and added more co-hosts to tighten the screening of our
attendees when we reopened our meeting. Fortunately, the intruders were not
allowed admission at the second round, and the rest of the evening was
relatively peaceful and joyful.

After the event ended, BVCS’ staff had a brief discussion about the
Zoom-bombing incident. The day after the event, BVCS administrators
conducted a meeting after reviewing the recording and have added security
measures to protect our students in future online classes and virtual events.

We are taking this incident very seriously and our team is always mindful of
the health and safety of students, especially in a live Zoom class or event and
the pain that this Zoom-bombing incident might have caused. Graphic
images and racist language are hurtful and can cause negative impact. We
acknowledge the pain caused, and will continue to set online safety as our
highest priority by putting in place additional safeguards for future virtual
events. We urge our students and parents who have been negatively impacted
by this incident to reach out to the school.

The Lunar New Year Celebration is a prime time for friends and families to
rekindle in spirit and to promote cultural understanding and inclusivity.
BVCS wishes all an auspicious year to come in the Year of the Ox.”

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