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Bangladeshi director arrested for film depicting police’s harsh treatment of rape victims

Right activists are outraged after a director and actor were arrested for their film depicting police in a negative light and highlighting the plight of rape victims in Bangladesh. Authorities arrested director Anonno Mamun, 34, and actor Shakib Khan, 46, for their film “Nabab LLB” on Friday, reports France 24. Officers are also looking to arrest Orchita Sporshia, the 27-year-old actress who played the rape victim.

Nabab LLB is a courtroom drama about rape and the mistreatment of victims by police. The scene that pissed off authorities depicted a rape victim being harshly interrogated by police. Dhaka Police said the two were arrested for making a film containing “offensive and obscene dialogue.”

“The officer was interrogating her using very offensive gestures and obscene language which is the opposite of healthy entertainment and will create negative perceptions about policing among the public,” the police said.

An officer of the force told the AFP that the film “insulted the entire force” and “the plot is completely fabricated and unpleasant. It is based on total falsehood.”

Additionally, the court charged the two with “making a film with pornographic content” for a scene in the movie showing the sexual assault.

Rights activists have called out the arrests and Bangladesh’s lax response to rape victims. They said the film was accurate in showing the harsh reality of what rape victims go through in Bangladesh’s legal system. They also said the arrests were an attack on artistic freedom.

The movie was able to bypass censors by showing the movie through a streaming service instead of theaters.

If found guilty, the director and actor could face seven years in prison.

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