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Baby Shark did it! It has become the most viewed video on Youtube

Congratulations to Baby Shark for becoming the most viewed video on Youtube. According to the Independent, the children’s song became the most viewed video by beating out Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito.” Baby Shark currently has 7.4 billion views while Despacito has 7.3 billion.

The song was recorded by South Korean company Pinkfong. It is unclear who the original writer of the song was but Pinkfong’s edition sung by kids wildly took off. Pinkfong’s version was uploaded to Youtube on June 2016, forever entering the pop culture zeitgeist and every ear of every child and their unfortunate parents. The song has spun merchandise, spinoffs, and even television shows.

The song recently made news after it was used to allegedly torture inmates at an Oklahoma prison. The prison is accused of handcuffing prisoners and forcing them to listen to Baby Shark on loop. How cruel.

baby shark

What’s next for Baby Shark after this amazing accomplishment of being the most viewed video on Youtube? Well, hopefully Pinkfong will make a remix with the Gangnam Style guy to cement the lead.

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