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Axios reporter Alexi McCammond apologizes for insensitive tweets against Asians

Axios reporter Alexi McCammond made the news after she tweeted of her interaction with Charles Barkley. The 25-year-old reporter was in Atlanta covering the 2020 presidential campaign when she ran into Barkley. She pointed out how Barkley seemed contradictory depending on which presidential candidate’s team he was talking to, reports The New York Times. In response, he jokingly threatened to hit her.

‘Just FYI Charles Barkley told me tonight “I don’t hit women but if I did I would hit you,” and then when I objected to that he told me I “couldn’t take a joke,”‘ she wrote.

“There are almost no times I will break an OTR “agreement” but this is not OK. And it was all because he came in talking about how he loves Deval Patrick and once someone from Pete’s campaign came around he said he loved Pete and I reminded him he previously said he was a Deval fan.

Her tweet went viral and many were outraged at Charles Barkley. Barkley apologized the next day through the Turner Sports account because he doesn’t have social media.

“My comment was inappropriate and unacceptable,” he said. “It was an attempted joke that wasn’t funny at all. There’s no excuse for it and I apologize.”

But Alex McCammond didn’t seem satisfied with the apology. She tweeted, “The comments Charles Barkley made to me are not acceptable. Threats of violence are not a joke, & no person deserves to be hit or threatened like that. Silence only allows the culture of misogyny to fester. And those kinds of comments don’t merit off-the-record protections.”

In response, people started to look through her social media history and found numerous insensitive tweets against Asian people.

“now googling how to not wake up with swollen, asian eyes,” she tweeted back in 2011.

“give me a 2/10 on my chem problem, cross out all of my work and don’t explain what I did wrong..thanks a lot stupid asian T.A. you’re great,” she tweeted.

Many people were upset with her and consequently, McCammond deleted the tweets and issued an apology.

“Today I was reminded of some past insensitive tweets, and I am deeply sorry to anyone I offended,” she said. “I have since deleted those tweets as they do not reflect my views or who I am today.”
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