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Australian restaurant owner apologizes for “annoying Asians” slip

An Australian restaurant owner has apologized for sharing a kitchen slip with the title “Two very annoying Asians” on his Snapchat. According to, Shay Hayston who co-owns the Froth, No. 5 Cafe, and The Stand was called out by Brisbane local Alec Madara over the picture.

“Two very annoying Asians,” the receipt said with Hayston replying “OMG I love my staff” accompanied by three laughing emojis.

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Facebook-Shay Hayston

Mr. Madara told The Sunday Mail, that what happened was unacceptable and “not OK.”

“How many descriptions like this have been given to people because this is where they are describing where the orders go,” Madara said. “…Was the intention to be racist? I couldn’t say, that’s not for me to decide, society can have their viewpoints and talk about it, I just know it didn’t sit with me well.”

Madara said after he posted the photo on Instagram, Hayston messaged him and insulted him and wouldn’t take accountability.

“This is just a huge overstep for someone that’s a manager and owner of a business,” Mr. Madara told Yahoo. “They probably wrote something like that because they heard how he [Mr. Hayston] spoke and just thought that was OK because they were quite green professionally.”

But it seems like the backlash was too much and Shay Hayston issued an apology “for the offense and hurt caused.”

“I’ve been a business owner in the Vally for more than six years, personally and professionally invested in diversity,” Hayston said. “I’m deeply disappointed and embarrassed at my actions as they go against everything I pride myself on. Internally, I and my team will do better to ensure we uphold the diversity and inclusivity that is at our core.”

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