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Australian police arrest man with whip who went on racist tirade at Chinese consulate

Australian police arrested 55-year-old Raimond Kelly for allegedly trying to intimidate a group of Chinese people outside the consulate of China at Camperdown in Sydney, reports the Daily Mail. The incident occurred on March 31, 2020, and was caught on video. Kelly is allegedly seen in the video cracking a whip and going on a racist rant against the Chinese and the coronavirus.

Here are some of the rantings the man yelled out.

“Wake up Australia!”

“You’re deliberately releasing … 5 million people leave your country to spread the filthy f***ing disease worldwide.”

“Ya’ll wearing your masks. You know you’re wearing your masks because you knew about it … It’s a f***ing plan!”

“I’m on to you. I know you f***ing deliberately released this virus.”

“Wake up Australia and be wise to these pricks.”

The man with the whip left the area before police arrived that day and the video went viral.

Raimond Kelly was arrested at his house in Dee Why on Thursday. He was jailed at Manly Police station and charged with an attempt to intimidate with intent to fear and harm, and armed with intent to commit an indictable offense.

raimond kelly
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He is due back in court on July 1 after he was granted bail under strict conditions.

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