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Australian man allegedly shoots and kills Filipina woman and her business partner

An Australian man has been arrested and is facing two murder charges for allegedly shooting to death two people in the Philippines. Michael Justin Mclaren, 52, was arrested on Friday for the alleged shooting death of 41-year-old Filipina Mila Bailey and her business partner 61-year-old Anthony George, reports The Sydney Morning Herald. Police arrested Mclaren three hours after the incident at his hotel where they allegedly found a gun and live ammunition.

The shooting occurred on October 18, 2019, in Olongapo City around 10:30 am. Mila Bailey, her husband Wayne, their two-year-old daughter, Anthony George, and Michael Mclaren were traveling in a car when the incident happened. The Baily couple and George were shot but only Wayne survived. According to ABC AU, CCTV footage shows Wayne crawling out of the car before collapsing on the street. He was rushed to the hospital and is recovering. Anthony and Mila was found dead in the car. The two-year-old girl was not physically hurt.

family picture of Mila and Wayne Bailey with their two kids
Mila and Wayne Bailey

CCTV footage also allegedly shows Michael Justin Mclaren leaving the car with a bag.

“The reason we’re saying that we possibly identified the suspect is that he’s the only one who ran away carrying a bag, a laptop bag in violet colour,” Olongapo police city director, Benjamin Sembrano said. “We believe [it is him] because we have recovered that particular violet bag.”

It is believed the shooting occurred because of a business dispute after Mclaren bought a restaurant from the couple.

Michael Mclaren faces two counts of murder and one “frustrated murder.”

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