man stabbed in brooklyn New York caught on video
New York Post

Attacker stabs Chinese man 13 times in Brooklyn, New York

A Chinese man is hanging on to dear life after he was stabbed multiple times in Brooklyn, New York. Police said an unknown assailant walked up to 48-year-old Li Qianyang from behind and stabbed him 13 times, reports the New York Post. The incident occurred while the victim was walking on 8th Avenue on Saturday around 7:11 pm.

A witness captured the incident on video which showed the suspect standing over the victim repeatedly stabbing him. The victim is seen on the ground defending himself until a passerby touches the suspect in the back which causes the assailant to flee.

Police told the Post that the attacker “was on top of him stabbing him.” The victim was stabbed in the head, arms, chest, and back. Additionally, one of the thrusts hit the victim’s heart.

Qianyang was rushed to the Lutheran Medical Center where he underwent emergency surgery. He is in critical condition.

“One guy was chasing the other guy, and caught up with him outside,” a witness told the New York Post. “He stabbed him so many times, I’m amazed he survived.”

Initially, the Police thought the incident was a coronavirus-related hate crime because both the suspect and victim were wearing face masks. However, as of now, they are saying there is “no nexus between the attack and the Coronavirus.”

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