Joshua Dowd

Atlanta man fighting for life after found unconscious and bleeding from head

An Asian American man that is openly gay is fighting for his life after he was found bleeding from his head and barely breathing. According to CBS 46, twenty-eight-year-old Joshua Dowd was found unconscious on train tracks near Piedmont and Lakeshore Drive in Buckhead, Atlanta on Sunday morning. A 25-year-old man found him while he was walking in the area. Dowd was rushed to the hospital where he received brain surgery, according to a Gofundme set up to help pay for his medical bills.

joshua dowd and colin kelly
11 Alive

“Hospital employees told us this was a blunt force trauma to the head,” Dowd’s boyfriend Colin Kelly told 11 Alive. “Some sort of device hit him on the head, hard enough to crack his skull, requiring a portion of his skull to be removed to relieve pressure on it. That is an assault. This person is unhinged. From what we can tell, they didn’t take anything from him. They just have put him within inches of losing his life and left everything else behind.”

Kelly told CBS 46, that Dowd went out with friends to a Midtown bar Saturday night. There are train tracks behind the bar and Kelly said Dowd separated from his friends at some point in the night. It is unclear how Dowd got to the tracks at this time.

“I really hope we get answers because someone hurt him,” Kelly said. “He’s fighting very hard for his life right now, but someone hurt him and it’s very severe.”

The Atlanta police have listed the incident at this time as “Miscellaneous Non-crime” but are still investigating.

According to 11 Alive, Dowd shared an Instagram story around 4 am on the same day he was found. The video was taken in the dark with a message that read “Nobody can be forgiven for what they left me with…you’re dead to me.” Additionally, sounds of frogs and crickets can be heard.

joshua dowd instagram story

A Gofundme has been set up for Joshua Dowd to support him financially. He underwent brain surgery and is breathing on his own and blinking his eyes.

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