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Atlanta Falcons kicker Younghoe Koo gets his Jeep stolen

NFL Pro Bowler Younghoe Koo just wants his cleats back after his Jeep was stolen. According to CBS Sports, the Atlanta Falcons kicker came out to the parking lot where he parked his black Jeep Grand Cherokee to find it gone on Sunday. He took to his Instagram and said he wouldn’t even be mad if they returned his cleats.

“MFs stole my Jeep smh,” Koo wrote on Instagram. “Can you just bring my cleats back, though? I won’t even be mad bro — just bring all my cleats back so I can go kick.”

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Koo’s going to need those cleats because football season is coming up and he needs to maintain his amazing record-breaking run. Koo had an amazing last season with the Falcons leading the NFL in field goals, surpassing former Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant’s record for most field goals in a single season, and becoming the first Falcons player to hit eight field goals over 50-yards without a miss, reports the New York Post.

But Younghoe Koo couldn’t secure a longtime contract with the Falcons and instead had his one-year contract extended for one year. He’s going to need those cleats to play as great as last year so he could get a big multi-year contract.

Unfortunately in Atlanta, there is a low chance he’ll get his vehicle back considering only one in five stolen cars is returned.

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