astoria, queens man racially harassing asian woman
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Astoria man racially harasses Asian woman

An Asian woman was racially harassed by a man in Astoria, Queens, New York while she was in the area. Ming, who is one half of the photography couple “The Bing Buzz,” said she was in the area investigating explosions when the man approached her. She recorded him following her around and asking her “Why do Chinese people eat dog?”

The incident occurred near Broadway Station on Tuesday.

According to “The Bing Buzz” Youtube page, Ming heard a loud “boom” and saw smoke in the direction of Broadway Station. She was already heading in that direction because the train station was there so she downloaded the “Citizen” app to see if anyone had any information. The explosion was caused by a maintenance hole which is pretty common in Astoria when it snows because of the salt buildup.

Satisfied with the explanation she was on her way when the man came up to her and racially harassed her.

“Then suddenly, this random guy comes up to me out of nowhere, with no mask covering his mouth, repeatedly asking me “Yo why do Chinese people eat dogs?” and aggressively following me around,” she said. “I actually have a clip of him coming down the stairs of the train station, shown at the end of that Citizen video recording at 0:29​. That meant that he just targeted me as he was walking down the staircase. There’s a huge spike in anti-asian hate crimes nowadays and there needs to be more awareness surrounding this issue.”

Although there were a lot of people around, no one came to her aid. The gawkers saw her running from him but they offered no help.

She posted the video to raise awareness in the surge of anti-Asian crimes recently.

“…but I’m hoping that this will bring more awareness to the matter at hand. If you live in Astoria or will be around the neighborhood, please be aware of this man,” she said. “I’m glad that there was a train station right there so that I could run up and escape him. This behavior is seriously unacceptable. Please be safe everyone!!”

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