Asian woman with busted eye and lips

Asian woman viciously attacked on Dallas train

An Asian woman who goes by the Instagram handle “Naillien.lopeezy” was violently attacked while on a train in Dallas, Texas on February 10th around 7 pm. The manicurist just finished up work and was on her way home when she was assaulted near the Lovers Lane Station in Uptown Dallas.

busted eye and lip

She said there was a man on the train going around asking people to use their phones. The people ignored him and he moved on but when she got to the victim he got violent.

“When he got to me, I ignored him like everyone else did,” she wrote. “He then decided to slap my arm to get my attention, so I told him that he can’t use my phone and that he didn’t need to put his hands on me.

“He proceeded to spit on me and swung at me three or four times.”

She said a fellow passenger stepped in to stop the assailant from punching her. She in return started screaming at the assailant and started punching him back and tased him until the passenger who stopped the initial assault told her to stop.

The assailant then begged the victim to not call the police because he’s “got a lot of s**t going on right now.” But she proceeded to after she got off the train which caused the man to start punching her again before he fled.

The victim suffered from multiple injuries to her head, dislodged teeth, and a busted upper lip.

“This “man” attacked me because I hurt his EGO,” she said. “He couldn’t handle the fact that I stood up to him and told him to keep his hands off me.”

She and her husband has had it rough the past year. Besides both of them catching COVID twice, her husband was let go from his job of five+ years and she’ll need time to recover.

“This past year has been so difficult for us and we were finally starting to get back on our feet,” she wrote. “I do not get paid for any of the time I am taking off to recover. Anything given is appreciated.” Any financial help can be given below.




When commenters asked about the assailant’s description including his race, she refused to say.

“I didn’t mention the attacker’s race/ethnicity bc it held no relevance. The man attacked me because I told him not to put his hands on me” she wrote on her Instagram stories. “… I only saw how desperate his eyes looked when he begged for me not to call the cops. I was more concerned on not passing out. I didn’t want to know that would’ve happened if I passed out.”

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