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Asian woman sues neighbor for alleged racist harassment

An Asian woman has filed a lawsuit against her Shoreline, Washington neighbor for allegedly threatening her life and racist harassment. Thi Pham from Vietnam told King 5 that she does not feel safe because of her 72-year-old neighbor Jan Myers. Pham said Myers has been harassing her for years and in April threatened her life.

In April, Pham was working in her garden when she said her next-door neighbor pulled up in her car and started harassing her. Pham started recording and a voice can be heard saying “You’re not gonna live very long.”

Pham alleges Myers stalked her, peered into her windows, and called her racial slurs since she moved into her home four years ago. Additionally, she said Myers exposed herself to her 2-year-old son.

“When she completely exposed herself to my wife and 2-year-old son, I mean, to have to live next door to someone who’s going to do something like that, and threaten her life, it’s devastating,” Pham’s husband, Bill Healy told King 5.

Police arrested Myers and charged her with a hate crime but didn’t charge her with indecent exposure which perplexed Pham’s attorney Jeff Campiche. He noted that if she was a man he probably would have been charged.

The police said they didn’t charge Myers with indecent exposure because it would be difficult to prove intent.

Thi Pham is suing Jan Myers for $100,00 for emotional damages. Additionally, she is seeking a protective order against Myers.

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