main street Flushing station suspect
NYPD Crime Stoppers

Asian woman racially taunted on New York City train

A 35-year-old woman was racially harassed while riding the train in New York City on Tuesday around 11:30 am. According to the Queens Post, the incident occurred on the 7 train near the Main Street Flushing station. The victim’s harasser allegedly made numerous anti-Asian statements towards her and even broke her phone.

The victim and the suspect were sitting across from each other when the harasser made several racist taunts. In the meantime, the victim’s phone rang and she picked up the phone and began to speak in her native language which further incensed the suspect. The suspect continued to verbally abuse the victim which prompted her to start recording the incident. However, the suspect slapped the phone out of her hand, picked it up from the ground, and smashed it against the floor.

The victim picked off her phone off the ground and took off to another train in fear.

Police are investigating the matter. The suspect has been described as a male 6 feet 4 inches tall and around 180 pounds.

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