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Asian woman racially belittled by neighbor in Canada

An Asian woman living in South Etobicoke in Canada was racially berated by her next-door neighbor after she asked them to quiet down their party. Kelly Zhang posted about the incident on the neighborhood’s Facebook group on June 6th. She said that she has been living in the “wonderful community” for 6 years and had no problems but she “won the jackpot of experiencing anti-Asian racism first hand last night.” Since her post, hundreds rushed to offer her support, reports blogTO.

Zhang said she asked her neighbor a third time to “wind down” their party that was still raging around 3 am. Zhang said this prompted her neighbor to remind her that she was not in China anymore and that he “would not want to be dictated by f**king Chinese people.”

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Facebook: Kelly Zhang

She talked to the police the next day and they told her anti-Asian hate is up in the area. Police gave her the option of pressing charges or letting him off with a warning and she chose the latter. The police also told her that the case was open so if the neighbor gave her any more trouble all she needed to do was give them a call. They then told the neighbor not to talk to Zhang or her family anymore.

However, Zhang told blogTO the man didn’t apologize and “he remained in denial and had no grasp of the actions he had done.”

“To us, the best resolution will be for him be fully educated and reformed. We need a sincere apology from him at the very minimum,” Zhang told blogTO. “We are also in the process of contacting the landlord to see if there’s anything they can do to evict this individual.

Kelly Zhang has been living in Canada for the last 28 years.


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