inmate reception center - arnulfo meza assaulting custody assistant
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Asian woman jail employee assaulted by inmate at Inmate Reception Center

A 54-year-old Asian American custody assistant was attacked by a prisoner at the Inmate Reception Center in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday, reports the AP. The unnamed jail employee was repeatedly punched by inmate Arnulfo Meza, 29 who had his left hand free to use the restroom.

A surveillance camera caught the incident where Meza assaulted the employee who was handing him some toilet paper.

Meza punches her three times before she falls then punches her two more times on the ground.

He backs off and the victim gets up and calls for help that comes and restrains the inmate.

The victim suffered from face and head injuries and was taken to the hospital where she is in stable condition.

Meza was transferred to a high-security area and could face charges of assault and committing a hate crime.

Arnulfo Meza was arrested in El Monte and placed in jail on Monday on suspicion of committing a felony. It is unclear what the felony was at this time.

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