culver city attack
Culver City police department

Asian woman called racial slur and assaulted in Culver City, CA

An Asian American woman was called a racial slur and assaulted by a man in Culver City in Los Angeles County on June 14th, according to the Culver City Police Department. The woman was walking westbound on Washington Blvd to work a little before 1 am when a man approached her and asked for a cigarette. The woman told her she did not and walked away out of fear of the man. But the suspect followed her, called her a racial slur, and hit her on the right side of her head with an unknown object which caused her to collapse to the ground. The suspect fled the scene after.

911 was called and the victim was taken to a local hospital and treated for a severe laceration on her right ear.

The suspect has been described as a heavy-set 35-year-old balding white male with light-colored hair standing 5’9″ tall.

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