Melvin Taylor booking photo
Santa Monica Police Department

Asian woman attacked in Santa Monica, California

The Santa Monica Police Department arrested a 65-year-old man who allegedly attacked an Asian woman in a possible hate crime, reports Fox LA. Melvin Taylor, believed to be homeless, allegedly confronted the Korean American woman on Friday around 2:15 pm on the 15000 block of 2nd Street.

The victim was with her father-in-law trying to pay for street parking at a meter when Taylor allegedly asked her about her ethnicity and demanded money.

She refused and he became upset, according to authorities. The woman tried to get back into her car but he allegedly kicked the car door pinning her against the car frame. Taylor allegedly continued to hit her causing the victim to pepper spray Taylor to no effect, reports SM Mirror. Taylor then allegedly grabbed the woman’s phone and threw it and tried to snatch her purse.

Additionally, Taylor allegedly yelled racial slurs and mentioned the virus during the attack, according to Los Angeles County DA George Gascon’s office.

The attack stopped after bystanders intervened and police showed up within minutes to arrest Taylor.

A hate crime against one of us is truly a crime against all of us,” Gascon said.

Melvin Taylor was charged with attempted robbery, assault likely to produce great bodily injury, assault with a deadly weapon, and hate crime allegation enhancement.

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