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Asian woman attacked after asking suspect to put on face mask inside NYC grocery store

A 39-year-old Asian woman was assaulted by a man after she asked him to put on a face mask inside a grocery store in New York City. The incident occurred inside Heng Yun Grocery in the Lower East Side on Tuesday, April 7th around 4:30 pm, reports the New York Post. Police arrested 35-year-old Carlos Mackey on suspicion of the crime.

After the woman told Mackey to put on a face mask, he allegedly told her “Only people that are real Americans are Native Americans, everyone else is an immigrant including black people.”

Police said Mackey tried to run out of the store with groceries and allegedly punched the Asian woman three times in the face while yelling “f**king immigrants.”

He was later arrested and charged with robbery. No hate crime charges were added.

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