Vietnamese UPS driver attacked and robbed in San Francisco

Asian UPS delivery driver attacked and almost robbed of his package in San Francisco

A UPS delivery driver was almost robbed on Thursday near Gough and Haight streets around 2 pm in San Francisco, reports KTVU. According to ABC News reporter Dion Lim, the victim is Vietnamese American. The victim was making deliveries when a suspect came upon him and hit his face then tried to grab the box.

Video shows the delivery driver and one of the suspects fighting before the second suspect hits the driver with his car. While on the ground one of the suspects takes another swing at him. The driver gets back up and the suspect flees into the getaway car but falls onto the ground trying to get in.

The driver was taken to the hospital. Police are investigating the matter and looking for the suspects.

A gofundme has been set up by one of the victim’s daughters to help pay for his medical injuries.

Update – 6/8/21 – The victim Minh spoke with CBS San Francisco about the incident.

“They start to hit me in my face, and they hitting me in my teeth, I lost two teeth here,” Minh said. “They hit in my back, and I fell down, and the wheel in the front they run over my feet.”

Minh said the thief initially stole a package of his cart and Minh tried to get it back.

“He tried to run away. I said ‘No, give it back to me,’ and he tried to run in the middle of the street,” he said.

Due to Minh fighting back, the suspects were not able to get away with anything. But Minh suffered injuries that are preventing him from working right now and he’s the sole breadwinner in his family. A Gofundme set up by his daughter will help Minh’s family out while he recovers.

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