asian teenager punched at Amateur Athletic Union tournament
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Asian teenager punched and allegedly called racial slur during basketball game

During an Amateur Athletic Union tournament basketball game on Saturday in Oakland, California, an Asian teenager was punched by a rival team member. The incident took place at the Soldiertown gym during a game between the San Francisco Generals and the South Bay Snipers, reports CBS San Francisco. Video caught Evan of the Snipers getting punched in the face by a player from the Generals. Several parents at the game said that some players in the Generals were calling the Snipers, which is two-thirds Asian, racial slurs.

“They did use the ‘C’ word,” Evan’s mother Lennie said.

“Several of the boys said they were using a lot of profanity using the ‘B’ word using the ‘C’ word,” another mother said.

The video shows Evan and another player go to the ground for a loose ball. When Evan gets up, the other player shoves him then another General player shoves Evan pushing him to the ground. When Evan gets up, the second player that shoved him throws a punch but misses. Evan starts to walk away but comes back and the player punches him in the face.

“Not one single parent stood up to go protect my son,” Lennie said. “I ran across the gym to get him.”

Lennie said Even suffered from a concussion from the incident. But what has made the incident worse for Lennie is that no adults intervened and condemned the attack or racial slurs.

“The worst part is no one apologized,” Evan’s father, Eduardo said.

Several parents confronted the tournament director who initially refused to watch the video, according to Evan’s parents. This led to the player who threw the punch to be banned from Sunday’s game but the other player who initially pushed Evan was allowed to play.

Evan’s parents say they plan on filing a police report.

The San Francisco Generals, AAU, and the host of the tournament Grassroots 365 have not issued a response.

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