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Asian San Jose cop in trouble for nun chucking his batons under the beat of Mortal Kombat music

A video of an Asian San Jose police officer nun chucking his batons while music from the Mortal Kombat movie plays in the background has caused an investigation into his actions. The video of Sgt. Eddie Chan in full uniform swinging two batons was circulating amongst San Jose police before NBC Bay Area News got a hold of it.

“I think the video was irresponsible, certainly in today’s climate,” Rob Millard, a retired San Jose police lieutenant who had supervised Chan told NBC News.

The San Jose police said that they have seen the video and the department’s internal affairs office is investigating the matter. His co-workers thought it was a bad look and wondered what kind of example Chan was to the rookies he supervises.

There is nothing illegal to what Sgt. Eddie Chan did, however, it’s not an image the police want to put out at this time.

Chan has not issued a statement.

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