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Asian rapper Jonathan “Thon” Souvannalath saves four lives with organ donation

An Asian rapper from Minnesota was able to save four lives after he passed away. The family of Jonathan “Thon” Souvannalath donated his organs after he passed away from a severe asthma attack, reports KTSP. The 25-year-old Laos-American rapper suffered an asthma attack on September 21st that led to sudden “respiratory/cardiac arrest,” according to a Gofundme set up in his name. First responders were able to revive him but he was put on life support. On September 24th he was pronounced brain dead.

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Jonathan “Thon” Mark Souvannalath, You are suave, you are funny, you are a brother, you are an uncle (to two now), you are a father, you are a friend, you are a lover, and you are probably the coolest person on this planet. Just like all the tattoos on your body, your life was a story – and an awesome one to say the least. Through all the highs and lows you’ve experienced and all your  crazy antics, you always seemed to come out on top. And we believe that this isn’t the end of your journey but only the beginning of your dope ass legacy. Words can’t even describe how much we love you Jonathan. You have given us the best gift: the gift of life. You were so filled with it, and everyone that has been in your presence knew this fully.  The amount of love you have blessed us with can’t even be weighed or measured and we are so grateful for that. If only we had as much time, as the number of tattoos on your body, left with you on this earth… but then again we’d be like 200 yrs old. But that’s what life is — unexpected. And that’s what you were — unexpected and spontaneous, like the farts you surprise us with randomly. We can only wish and hope for you to be on this earth longer but heaven would argue that they would want you on their team sooner. #MVP #theGOAT Your decision to constantly give and help people extends beyond your passing. We are so incredibly happy that you decided to be a donor. Even though our miracle didn’t happen you are helping someone else fulfill theirs. You are the miracle. You are the life and the light of the party. Wherever you go, the room literally lights up… and turns up… We can’t say this enough: we love you Thon and we will miss you dearly. May you Rest In Peace and may you be the guiding light for others to follow. Our sincerest thanks and much love go out to everyone who have been praying for Thon and our family and keeping us in their thoughts. It has truly been meaningful to us  and we are grateful for the constant outpouring of love and support, especially through this extremely unfathomable, difficult time. If you would like to extend your kindness please consider donating to Jonathan’s funeral fund here:

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“The doctor pulled me aside and said, you know, due to being so unresponsive and no blood flow to the brain, we’re going to try to close the organs down,” Thon’s older brother, Jimmy Souvannalath recalled to KSTP. “We had this family meeting in a room, talked about it and said, ‘What would Jonathan want to do?’ We knew Jonathan wanted to help people.”

Jonathan Souvannalath always helped people. He became a drug an alcohol counselor after he beat his own addiction to heroin in 2017.

“They said, ‘Hey this is a really, really rare case,” Jimmy said. “He’s young, he’s healthy and he’s sober.’ His sobriety was a big key. And they mentioned, Jonathan’s blood type is O, so he can help anybody. He can give his organs to any blood type and he would match.”

Finding organs that are donatable is rare. Only about 1% of people are able to do so. The patient has to die in a hospital on a ventilator through brain death leaving the person’s other organs in tact.

Thon’s organs, his liver, heart, and kidneys saved four people. His left and right kidney went to a 54 and 56 year-old man. His liver went to a 70-year-old woman while his heart went to a 65-year-old man.

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