Edson So
CBS Sacramento

Asian man shot up with paintballs in Sacramento, CA

An Asian man walking with his wife in South Sacramento, California was attacked by someone with a paintball gun. Edson So told CBS Sacramento News, the suspects drove by in a car and shot him up with paintballs on Friday around noon. So was hit in the face, neck, and chest.

“On my neck is right here,” So said. “Right there and also my chest. So right here. Yeah it hurt pretty bad. Mainly my lip and my neck was the worst part.”

He reported the incident to the police and he’s hoping witnesses come forward so the police can capture the shooter.

“To let them know that eventually, you know, someone might get hurt. Or you know, the cops might find them and they will be in big trouble about it,” he said.

Police are investigating the incident.

Smash and grab at Lukfook Jewellery in broad daylight

About an hour and a half away the following day, a San Francisco Chinatown was burglarized in broad daylight. Police are looking for three young men who smashed a window at LukFook Jewellery in San Francisco’s Chinatown on Saturday around 11 am, reports CBS San Francisco News. Someone captured the crime on video which went viral on social media.

Police said one of the three men smashed the window with something like a hammer. The trio then grabbed several pieces of jewelry before running off.

Police are looking for the suspects

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