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Asian man brutally beaten for gold Rolex finally gets his watch back after 1 year

A Korean American man who lost his beloved 24K gold Rolex watch to a violent thief has finally got it back after more than a year. According to NBC News Los Angeles, Hasin Oh was beaten and robbed of his watch on October 19, 2019, in his hometown of Henderson, Nevada. The suspect Robert E. Pearson beat him unconscious and took off his watch from his wrist. Oh suffered from injuries to his head, arms, and body, and his wife Myungja Oh who was with him was also assaulted.

Nevada police dusted Oh’s place and their car after the robbery and they lifted a fingerprint that matched to the national criminal DNA database. The suspect was 39-year-old Robert E. Pearce and detectives figured out that the Rolex was pawned off at “Mr. Steve’s Pawn Shop” in Los Angeles for $16,000. Detectives obtained a warrant and discovered that the person who pawned the watch left an electronic thumbprint that matched Robert E. Pearces.

On January 27, 2021 authorities found Pearce at an apartment on Sunset Boulevard near North Cherokee Avenue. They went in to arrest Pearce who was living on the fifth floor at the time. When they knocked they saw Pearce go onto the balcony and try to lower himself to the fourth floor but he slipped and fell to his death.

“Pearce was seen climbing over the railing where he tried to move down to a lower balcony located one floor below,” LAPD said. “Pearce lost his grip and fell approximately five stories landing on the south sidewalk of Sunset Blvd.”

He was transported to Cedars Sinai Medical Center but died two hours later.

The Ohs’ initially tried to get the watch back from the broker but he refused. Unfortunately, the authorities couldn’t get involved since the suspect died leaving nobody to prosecute and no judge to order the watch returned.

The gold Rolex watch is a symbol of Hasin and Myungja Oh’s success. The two immigrated from the United States from South Korea in 1979 with little money and worked and worked until they were able to buy up motels and hotels. The watch was the beginning of a family “heirloom” according to their daughter and a sign they made it. Oh’s three children gifted their father the watch for his 75th birthday.

After NBC News, inquired about the watch, the owner said the watch would be returned after they claimed it against its insurance. However, as of Monday, the lawyer for Mr. Steve’s Pawn Shop said the owner would be returning the watch “after a lot of thought.”

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