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Asian grandma attacked in Boston during robbery

A 67-year-old Asian grandmother was attacked during an attempted purse snatching in Boston. According to the victim’s granddaughter, Annie, the incident occurred on May 32, 2021 just outside the grandmother’s apartment on Washington and Northampton. An attacker approached Yin Ching Lam and started punching her while trying to grab her purse. Lam was knocked to the ground but held on to her purse and the assailant’s leg while screaming for help.

Fortunately, some bystanders came to her aid chasing the assailant off. 911 was called and the grandmother was taken to the hospital where luckily she didn’t suffer from any broken bones. However, she did suffer from a bruised-up face and an injured arm.

Police were notified of the incident. But Annie is unsure if the assailant will be found because “not much is known about the assaulter.”

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