new york assault suspects- Sharon Williams
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Asian elder pushed, Asian woman has her hair pulled, and police arrest woman who allegedly racially harassed Asian staff at nail salon – all in New York

A 77-year-old Asian man was pushed by a stranger in Brooklyn, New York, on Monday, April 5th. According to ABC News Reporter CeFaan Kim, the Asian elder was buying groceries at J&R NY Supermarket on Avenue U, near 14th Street around 2 pm when the assailant pushed him to the ground before walking off. The victim suffered from bruising on his left arm but refused medical attention.

A couple of blocks away, a 32-year-old Asian woman was attacked by a stranger in the Homecrest neighborhood around 7:45 am. The incident occurred on March 22 in front of a business at 1308 Kings Highway around 7:45 am. Surveillance video shows the man grabbing the woman’s hair and pulling her down before she’s able to get away. The man did not say anything during the attack.

Police are investigating both incidents and are looking for the suspects.

And on Tuesday, April 6th in Chinatown, New York, a woman was arrested for allegedly racially harassing the Asian staff at a nail salon on Madison Street, reports CBS New York News.

Police arrested Sharon Williams for allegedly making slurs and threatening violence. “You brought the corona to this country,” Williams allegedly said.

Police said Williams was also harassing another Asian person outside when an Asian officer in plain clothes intervened. Williams allegedly insulted the officer as well.

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