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Asian “Daredevil” actor said ex Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb reduced Asian characters because nobody cares about them

Peter Shinkoda, the actor who played Hand leader Nobu on the television series “Daredevil” isn’t holding back any longer. During an online discussion about the show, Shinkoda said ex-Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb told the writers room to minimize the Asian characters because nobody cared about them, reports IGN. The Asian characters Nobu and Gao were supposed to have a bigger role on the show but that was nixed because of Loeb, according to Shinkoda.

“I’m kind of reluctant to say this but I’m going to take it and I apologize … I’m not into really protecting certain things anymore,” Peter Shinkoda said. “Jeph Loeb told the writer’s room not to write for Nobu and Gao. This was reiterated many times by many of the writers and showrunners that ‘Nobody cares about Chinese people and Asian people. There were three previous Marvel movies — a trilogy called Blade — where Wesley Snipes kills 200 Asians each movie. Nobody gives a s***. So don’t write about Nobu and Gao.’ And they were forced to put their storylines down and drop it.”

Shinkoda, however, said the writers were “very apologetic” about the situation. The storyline that would have been would have seen Nobu sneaking into the country and carrying out his Black Sky plans.

Furthermore, to add insult to injury, Shinkoda said he and Wai Ching Ho who played Madame Gao weren’t even invited to the season 2 premiere.

Check out the whole “Save Daredevil con” stream below. The Netflix series was canceled last year after three seasons.

The good news is that Jeph Loeb isn’t at Marvel Television anymore. He stepped down and Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige took over that position.

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