Linda Wee

Asian Collin College director accuses school of discrimination in job promotion

A female Asian American Collin College Workforce and Professional Development Director has filed multiple complaints against the provost accusing him of racial discrimination for a job position at the school, reports Star Local Media. Linda Wee alleges that she was overlooked for a 2019 dean appointment at the Texas community college due to her race. The Courtyard Center’s executive dean position went to British-American Karen Musa. Consequently, Wee said that after she filed the complaints, the Courtyard Center Provost Bill King created a hostile work environment against her.

“There has not been a single attempt by Dr. King to remedy the concerns I have repeatedly raised,” one of the complaints said. “As the sole Asian female Director working here, I am the target of concerted efforts to make the work environment intolerable. There is no concern of upholding dignity and respect, a core value of Collin College.”

After Wee filed her complaints in April of 2020, King formally replied that Wee had a problem with Karen Musa’s appointment.

“Ms. Wee let me know that she did not agree with the appointment and she did not personally care for Ms. Musa,” King responded. “I was very surprised by her response based on Ms. Musa’s exemplary reputation college wide.”

Wee told a friend that told us that she wasn’t even interviewed for the position even though she had the experience to occupy the position. Wee also said that she was told she was not considered because she didn’t look “presentable to C-suite executives.”

“I think the other thing that wasn’t addressed was that I was never even interviewed even though I had experience in the area and Karen Musa didn’t,” Wee said. “I also was told that I was not considered because it has to be someone that is presentable to C-suite executives. The larger picture of lack of opportunities for Asians in a large community college serving 59,000 students a year has such poor representation in leadership, and the one individual who made it as an administrator they are trying hard to get rid of!”

Linda Wee who is Chinese-American believes King violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits discrimination based on race, sex, religion, and national origin.

Wee focused on King’s response to a complaint where he emphasized that Karen was born in London as one of the factors for her promotion.

“The committee and I interviewed both internal and external candidates of varying backgrounds and experience levels and finally offered the position to Ms. Karen Musa. Karen has been a faculty member, Associate Dean and Dean on the credit side and has worked for Collin College for 22 [and a half] years. She has a stellar work history, many professional accomplishments and distinguished senior leadership and faculty support. She has recently applied for her doctorate in Higher Education Administration at Texas Tech University and Texas A&M – Commerce. Lastly, Karen was born near London, England,” the complaint response titled “Executive Dean Search” said.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) would not state if there were any charges brewing due to legal reason. While Collin College also denied comment.

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