asian carp aka invasive carp
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“Asian carp” renamed after worries of racism to “invasive carp”

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service changed the name of “Asian carp” to “invasive carp” due to fears of racism, reports NBC News. The name was changed in April after the rise of anti-Asian attacks across the United States.

“We wanted to move away from any terms that cast Asian culture and people in a negative light,” the Great Lakes regional office director Charlie Wooley said.

Consequently, the Asian carp Regional Coordinating Committee will also follow suit on August 2nd.

“Asian carp” applied to four fish species that were imported from Asia in the 1960s to manage biological life in aquaculture facilities, reports FWS. But they eventually escaped into rivers and started wreaking havoc on the environment.

This isn’t the first time “Asian carp” changed names. It was first introduced by Minnesota state Senator Foung Hawj after she saw a sign at a Minneapolis airport that said: “Kill Asian Carp” in an attempt to control the carp’s population.

So in 2014, she won a measure requiring Minnesota agencies to refer to the carps as “invasive carps” which drew the ire of conservatives. Radio commentator Rush Limbaugh went off on it claiming it was political correctness run amuck leading to Hawj receiving tons of hate mail.

Now the same kind of outrage can be found on social media with people on social media blowing a gasket over the name change and political correctness.

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