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“Asian Boss” needs help if they want to continue

Asian Boss the Youtube channel known for reporting on stories from Asia has hit a rough patch. According to CEO Stephen Park, the company is in need of money if they want to continue. Unfortunately, one of their investors got hit hard during the pandemic and went into bankruptcy. The company had to cut 40% of its workforce and the remaining team members had to take a pay cut. Additionally, they had to move out of their office into a smaller one. Park said they are months away from having to shut down so he’s asking his viewers to donate to a Gofundme to help their company out financially.

Stephen Park founded Asian Boss with Kei Ibaraki seven years ago in Sydney, Australia. The two quit their jobs as a lawyer and an architect to pursue their “life-long vision of transforming mainstream media,” according to their Gofundme.

They moved to South Korea in 2015 to “strategically” place themselves in Asia “in order to be able to capture the most authentic voices and stories from Asia that needed to be heard.”

The two worked tirelessly and built up their Youtube channel which now has 2.88 million subscribers. Asian Boss was funded by investors but due to COVID that lifeline dried up.

Now they are asking for $550,000 USD to keep the company going till the end of the year. They setup a Gofundme in Australia because Gofundme doesn’t support fundraisers in South Korea. They put up a total of $700,000 Australian dollars which equals to about $550,000 USD. In four days, they raised $589,847 Australian dollars.

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