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“ASIAN AMERICANS” documentary coming to PBS

“ASIAN AMERICANS,” a documentary about the role Asians had in the shaping of America will premiere next month on PBS. It is a five-hour documentary chronicling the history of Asians in the United States. It will air during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month on May 11 and May 12, 2020.

Check out the preview below.

According to PBS, the documentary is a “five-hour film series that will chronicle the contributions, and challenges of Asian Americans, the fastest-growing ethnic group in America. Personal histories and new academic research will cast a fresh lens on U.S. history and the role Asian Americans played in it.”

PBS worked with WETA and the Center for Asian American Media(CAAM) to create this documentary. It was headed by numerous award-winning Asian American filmmakers including Renee Tajima-Pena, who made the documentary “Who Killed Vincent Chin?” It will be narrated by Daniel Dae Kim and Tamlyn Tomita, according to Press Pass LA.

ASIAN AMERICANS examines the significant role of Asian Americans in shaping American history and identity, from the first wave of Asian immigrants in the 1850s and identity politics during the social and cultural turmoil of the twentieth century to modern refugee crisis in a globally connected world.


Stephen Gong, the Executive Director of the Center for Asian American Media said, “These are American stories: stories of resilience in the face of racism, of overcoming challenges as refugees from war and strife, of making contributions in all sectors of society: business, technology, military service, and the arts. These Asian American experiences and voices provide a vital foundation for a future fast approaching, in which no single ethnic or racial group defines America, in which shared principles will define who we are as Americans.”

Make sure you check out the documentary on May 11 and May 12 on PBS starting at 8 pm.

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