d platform suspect beating woman
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Asian American woman attacked and robbed on NY subway platform

A 23-year-old woman was attacked and robbed by a man on the northbound D platform at the 34th Street-Herald Square station on Monday around 4 am, reports the New York Post. According to Asamnews, who spoke with NYPD, the victim is an Asian American woman. Surveillance cameras captured the attack. The woman can be seen standing when a man comes from behind and puts her in a chokehold and drags her to the ground. He can then be seen punching her and taking her purse before fleeing. The police said the assailant allegedly touched the woman in her private parts while she was down.

Police released pictures of the suspect hoping the public can help in identifying him.

d platform suspect

According to Asamnews, the victim is at Lenox Hill Hospital where she is in stable condition.

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