memphis home vandalized with racial slur
Fox 13

Asian American Memphis home vandalized with racial slur

A Vietnamese American family’s home in southeast Memphis, Tennessee was vandalized with a racial slur, reports Fox 13 Memphis. Someone tagged “Chink Go Home” on the garage. Additionally, a couple of bricks were thrown at their homes. This isn’t the first time someone threw bricks at their home but the racial slur is a first.

The family wished to stay anonymous, but the father said he lives in the home with his mother, wife, and child. He said they have lived in the home for more than two decades.

The father doesn’t believe he was racially targeted and doesn’t look at the incident as a hate crime. Instead, he believes that the suspect was “playing like a bully.”

After the incident, his neighbors came out to support him. They helped him paint over the racist graffiti and for this reason he doesn’t plan to move.

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