chicago hate crime suspect

Asian American man assaulted in possible hate crime in Chicago

The FBI released pictures of a man they are looking for accused of attacking an Asian man in Chicago. According to WGN, the incident occurred on August 15th around noon at the Argyle Red Line station. The suspect followed the 30-year-old victim and allegedly struck him in the back of the head. The victim fell and he asked the assailant why he did that and the assailant allegedly told him “You deserve it” and called him an ethnic slur before leaving the station, according to the FBI.

The FBI described the suspect as a Black male with a thin goatee wearing a diamond stud earring in his right ear, a silver watchband on his left arm, a metallic bracelet on his right arm, and a gold-colored chain around his neck.

The FBI released pictures of the suspect in the hopes that the public will recognize him.

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