Asian man robbed in downtown, los angeles
ABC 7 News

Asian American father shot and robbed in downtown, Los Angeles

An Asian American father was shot and robbed while out with his family in downtown, Los Angeles, CA. According to ABC 7 News, the father was with his wife and their two-year-old son when the incident occurred on Thursday afternoon around 7th and Hill Streets. A surveillance camera caught the crime on video.

While an eyewitness captured the incident from right above.

Police said the suspects pistol-whipped the 26-year-old father on the head and shot him in the arm. The 28-year-old mother ran with her son to safety during the incident and both of them were not harmed.

The suspects fled with the family’s possessions.

The father was treated at the local hospital for a laceration to his head and a gunshot wound.

Police said they are searching for four suspects. A female driver and three men in their 20s. The police said the getaway vehicle is a Chrysler with the a dealership paper license with the word “KEYES”

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