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Asian American Air Force Veteran assaulted in Koreatown in hate crime

An Asian American Air Force Veteran was assaulted by two men on Kenmore Avenue in Koreatown, Los Angeles last week. According to NBC News Los Angeles, 27-year-old Denny Kim suffered from a black eye and a fractured nose. Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime.

“I was terrified for my life, as you can see the physical injuries on my face,” Kim said. “And I didn’t know what to think of it. It was all just a blur…I was just trying to defend my life.”

Kim said the two men threatened to kill him and called him racial slurs before assaulting him for no reason.

“Started calling me ‘ching chong,’ ‘gook,’ ‘Chinese virus,’ all sorts of nasty stuff,” he said. “They eventually struck me on my face. I fell down to the ground.”

Fortunately for Kim, his friend Joseph Cha chased off the attackers.

“I was screaming, telling them to stop,” Cha said. “Screaming, they were calling me racial slurs too.”

Police are looking for the two suspects but don’t have much to go on. They are looking into finding security cameras in the areas. The description of the suspects is too vague and not helpful.

Denny Kim said it’s important to bring attention to the growing rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in this country. The country that he served.

“What they did was not fair and it was filled with hate, and that’s something we all need to bring awareness of,” Kim said.

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