Asa Akira Is Pregnant

Asa Akira Is Pregnant And She’s Keeping It Hooray

Asa Akira announces she’s pregnant!

Asa Akira, the greatest all-time Asian female pornstar has announced that she is pregnant. On her podcast “The Pornhub Podcast With Asa Akira” she dedicated the hour talking with her husband about their baby. “I have a very big announcement,” she said to start off the podcast. After a little back and forth with her husband she said, “I’ve caught the worst STD of all.” Her husband responds, “Oh really”. She said, “Yes Pregnancy,” as they both laugh. “And we’re keeping it,” she said.

Asa Akira is Pregnant
Asa & Sean

A quick bio of who Asa Akira is.

Asa Akira was born as Asa Takigami in Manhattan, New York. This 32-year-old Japanese porn prodigy took the porn industry by storm when she entered the business after a stint as a dominatrix and stripper. But she’s not just a pornstar, she’s also a novelist with three bestselling books under her belt.

Asa Akira had two abortions prior to this pregnancy. Third times the charm I say. Her new husband is Sean Maroney, a high-end jeweler who she dated previously in High School. They ended up breaking up because they were young and probably wanted to have sex with other people. Asa Akira also says that he broke up with her because she was “too flat” and he’s a boob guy. This was one of the factors that made her get breast implants along with just wanting bigger breasts. Asa Akira went from an A cup to a C cup and now claims her breasts are “huge” because she is pregnant. In the podcast, Sean seems to disagree on whether her breasts are huge at this point.

Asa Akira is Pregnant
Sean “You’re Going To Need Bigger Boobs If You Want To Date Me” Maroney

Asa Akira’s previous marriages.

Asa has been married twice before. Once to an old guy because he gave her an easy life full of pills. However, this go-getter wanted to make a name for herself and become famous, so she ditched the old geezer and went into porn. With that Japanese Salaryman work ethic, she became porn’s top girl. She went onto win awards for her work such as “AVN Female Performer Award of the Year” along with many others accolades.

Asa Akira is Pregnant

While doing porn, during a double penetration scene, she fell in love with the bottom guy, Rocco Reed. The two eventually married but that fell apart because she didn’t really know what a marriage was supposed to be. She says that the bond was not there at the end and she questioned if there ever was one. It seemed to me she was trying to put up a front due to her career to show people that she was normal. Well, that experiment backfired. So they divorced and I’m guessing they fought over who got to keep the house in the valley as all pornstars do.

While living in Los Angeles she became unhappy because she fell into the Los Angeles materialistic lifestyle. Buying a Mercedes Benz and designer purses made her feel like an LA stereotype she so hated. Even though before she bought the Mercedes Benz she had a Prius, which is another LA stereotype, but you got to choose your battles. So she bounced back to New York to become a New York stereotype and live closer to her parents.

How she met her not husband.

In New York, she got into a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Sean, who once dumped her because of her small breasts. Now with new breasts in tow and a new confidence you can say she was “insatiable” to Sean. So they became an item and now they’re married, and Asa Akira is pregnant. Asa Akira is now 6 months pregnant with her first child, allegedly.

Asa Akira is Pregnant

Asa Akira the legend.

I first saw Asa Akira in her greatness when tube sites started to pop up. It amazed me that this little girl who is just a hair over five feet tall take on multiple dudes twice her size like a soldier. It felt like she was the one in control even though there was a gang of dudes ravaging her. For example, check out her in the “Insatiable” series. In the movies, she looks like she’s a torture victim like she’s an Abu Ghraib prisoner, but they can’t beat her and she soldiers’ on. The way she blows dudes reminds me of myself eating a giant Chipotle burrito when I’m really hungry. So for that, I salute you Asa Akira. So congratulations Asa Akira on becoming pregnant, and I hope the best for you and your family. May you have future abortions and more husbands.

Check out the full podcast below. It’s some really interesting talk where Asa and Sean talk about the ramifications of her job on their future child. They talk genuinely about the potential problems and fears they face as future parents. What do you do when your kid’s friends find out about Asa Akira’s job? How do you deal with your mom being a sex symbol? These are some of the questions that they face and talk honestly about in the podcast.

One huge problem I see is that when the kid grows up he or she will not be able to see porn like an average kid. How can you go on a porn site knowing that there’s a huge chance you’re going to see your mom doing dirt. But that does not matter right now. The only thing that matters is Asa Akira is pregnant so a big thumbs up to her.

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UPDATE – 2-13-2019 – Asa Akira has just given birth.

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