Argentina's Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeting picture of Kim Jung Un
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Argentina idiotically thanks North Korean leader Kim Jung Un for face masks donated by South Korea

Everyone should know the difference between North Korea and South Korea but especially if you’re Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And especially if South Korea did a nice thing by donating face masks to your country. South Korea donated 200,000 face masks to Argentina to fight the coronavirus pandemic and Argentina wanted to thank them publicly. So they took to twitter and thanked South Korea but posted a picture of North Korean leader Kim Jung Un, reports NewsHub.

“The Argentine government thanks the Republic of Korea for donating 200,000 KF94 protective masks as part of the bilateral cooperation between both countries to combat the COVID-19 pandemic,” the tweet said which was accompanied by a picture of Kim Jung Un.

Internet users slammed the “useless” Argentinian government for the mistake and it didn’t take long for the ministry to realize they messed up. They deleted the picture of Kim and replaced it with a stock ministry image.

Furthermore, Argentina’s MInistry of Foreign Affairs tweeted that they are investigating the matter.

“Today a tweet was published linked to a note on the Foreign Ministry website that Twitter illustrated with images that did not come from the ministry’s system,” they said. “The fact is under investigation.”

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