jiddana Dusturia aka grina sneezing
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Apparently sneezing is all the rage on TikTok these days

An Indonesian high schooler might have started a trend on TikTok by accident. Jiddana Dusturia aka Grina wanted to post a video of herself addressing her fans but during the segment, she accidentally sneezed, reports Coconuts. It was late at night so she didn’t delete it and accidentally uploaded it to her 762,000 fans before going to bed. When she woke up she was shocked to see her video go viral and amass millions of views.

“I left the [sneeze] video in the drafts, and then I accidentally pressed upload, and at that time I didn’t realize that it had been uploaded to my TikTok,” she said. “After that, I played a game. The next day my group chats were flooded [by friends] who said that [my video] entered FYP(For You Page).”

Grina from the Banyuwangi regency in East Javas, Indonesia said that the video was just a blooper. It was an outtake from another video she had planned. She said during the recording her nose began to itch which caused her to sneeze.

The truly interesting thing about this viral video that now has more than 11 million views is that it went viral without any hashtags. It appeared on the homepage organically somehow. It won’t be long before everyone now starts “accidentally” sneezing on TikTok.

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