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Andrew Yang curses in church – upsets many

New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang has sparked anger on social media after he cursed in a church. According to Newsweek, Yang was at St. Ann’s Church and The Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn Heights on Saturday campaigning when he dropped the s-word.

“I moved here as a 21-year-old law student at Columbia,” he said. “I didn’t know s–t … I have the kind of life and career that I could never have even imagined as a 21-year-old, and every single good thing that has happened to me personally and professionally was made possible by New York City.”

People were not happy with Yang cursing in church and expressed themselves over social media.

“I’m not religious, and I do swear a lot, but I still know enough to not swear in a church. And I knew that before I moved to New York,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Called me old fashioned, but regardless of your feelings about religion, don’t disrespect a church like this,” another said.

“I don’t have to be religious to say that him cussing in a church is wrong,” another said.

After the backlash, a spokesperson for Yang told the New York Daily News that Yang meant no offense and that he was simply having fun with the audience.

“Andrew was having a good time with the audience at today’s town hall, laughing and sharing stories,” the spokesperson said. “As everyone there knew, he has an incredible respect for the church and this wasn’t a service.”

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