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American man urinates on Japanese man on flight to Tokyo Japan

An American man has been arrested for urinating on a fellow passenger on a flight from Chicago to Narita airport on Friday according to Japan Today. The 24-year-old American had been drunk off four glasses of champagne and a shot of sake when he decided to get up and urinate on a 50 year old Japanese man seated two rows behind him. The two men did not know each other.

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The police arrested the man when the flight touched down in Japan at Narita International Airport. When questioned the suspect claims he doesn’t remember what happened.

I hope this guy does some serious time. That’s just messed up going around urinating on people.

UPDATE via the Tokyo Reporter

Tha American man has been identified as Denish Parekh, an engineer from Chicago.

The police have charged him with assault but Denish Denies the claim saying, “Since I was drunk I do not recall the incident”.

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